Happy MLK Day! Today we honor one of the greatest civil rights leaders in history. At robotics, we’ve been working hard on designing and building the robot. For the last week, we’ve been working on designing parts of the robots to help us complete the game, and be able to play and hopefully win the game. Our entire team has been working hard. Shop has been working on the parts that Design designs, Business has been working on sponsors and the blog, Electronics has been working on the electronics for the robot, and finally Programming has been working on their coding skills.

Overall, our team has been working very hard, and we’re excited to see the completed robot!

159! Go Alpine!


January 5th marked the day of the kickoff, when we learned the full extent of Destination: Deep Space. The team met up in the computer lab, and we prepared for the creation of our robot. We designed parts of the robot, watched the informational videos and worked hard to get a grasp on how we could do well in this year’s game. A brief overview of the game can be found on the front page of our website, or you can watch the full overview at